Twin Cities March 2019

3DAAA Victorian State Series

The first Victorian 3DAAA event of 2019 – An excellent event put on by Twin City Archers weather was great and the group I shot with was full of fun, challenges and smiles, thanks Bill Holmes Martin, Sam and Levi.

The new Semi Pro Division saw four of our MBO team from 2018 take to the challenge Paul Eagle Tony Brezic Ken Smith and Troy Hanson and keeping the scores pretty even on some challenging courses great soothing guys

A thank you to Mike Lambert and Bill Holmes for coming across from SA to be a part of our event.

Day one saw a quick briefing to cover course layout, emergency procedures and then it was down to the art of placing arrows on the targets set out by our course setters. From the use of dead ground across what appeared flat ground, the shadows that flickered across the targets and the deceiving distances.

Aside from the combination of archers from young and old celebrating shots to those that were questioning how they could have missed the target, the archers in all enjoyed themselves.

Courses were set out that were challenging and made you think of your distance judging, quartered and rolled targets of shot placement and where to aim, add to this the brilliant sunshine, shadows and wind all added to the event, the jubilant calls of a successful shot over the course not mentioning any names Neil Morris (great score Neil); this all created a fun atmosphere to the event.

3D Archery presents challenges to the archer no other form of archery can challenge the archer with, from the novice to the most experienced archer each shot presents a unique opportunity to combine experience and skills to make the shot.

With day one over, the resetting of the courses for day now done, focus turned to where the group of 30 plus archers wanted to go for dinner this was soon decided bookings made and the archers made their way to the venue. Dinner allows the members to catch up and talk archery and whatever else comes to the table.

The day doesn’t end there, thanks to Twin City Archers for opening the club rooms up for a night of fun and leaving it up to us to set up some fun ideas of Micro 3D Targets – but all this still left us with challenging shots on the course – they were not as easy as shooting minties (had to be there) but same moto it’s moments like these you need a ….,,,, was to be played out on day two.

Day 2 saw the groups set out with great optimism, and plans for those perfect rounds, for two of our members Drew Orton taking out another 2x 100s & Alex Spath with 1x 100 congratulations.

Jo Mufale thanks for creating a great breakfast for the group on Sunday, and the Twin City members who looked after lunches through the event.

Our next event is with the Mornington Peninsula Bowmen on the 13th & 14th of April 20019 – great camping facilities and local motels – come along and join us for some more 3D Archery – Even if you have not tried unmarked 3D come along and let us know so we can help you with enjoying the fun of 3D Archery In Australia – for more details and news go to – look forward to seeing you there