Sanctioned Event Application Form

  • Note: The club name MUST be the same as that on your Incorporation Certificate.

    I.e.; if the club has “Inc” or “Incorporated” in its name then it must be included here.
  • DD slash MM slash YYYY
  • Event contact details

    This will include the person responsible for returning the scores and event article
  • Event Details

  • camping, cabins, motels etc and distance from the event
  • for the Association website
  • including which meals will be catered for
  • available at camping site, flush, porta-loo etc
  • Medals, Standard trophy shop trophies, home made etc. In the past the quality of some trophies has been below what the Association deems as appropriate for a Sanctioned Event. This has lead to complaints to the Committee and may result in lower than normal attendance in the future. If in doubt, clubs should contact the Tournament Director and discuss their proposal before returning the application.
  • Top10, Matchplay, etc
  • Please provide Name and Contact Details.

    Mobile and Email
    Will these Ranges be GPS Recorded prior to the event
  • Guidelines

    This event must comply with the requirements as defined in the current Competition Policy
    • Venues must have adequate facilities to cater for shooters (sufficient toilets, showers and canteen).
    • Where the even is used to raise funds for a charity, the Association reserves the right to donate its fees to the charity as long as the donation is recorded in the Association’s name.
    • All the safety requirements of the Association will be strictly adhered to.
    • 3DAAA targets are available for hire to clubs to assist in the hosting of the event. Refere to the Association’s Target Hire Policy. Hire costs are available on request.
    The Association would like to encourage originality of tournament venues; it can be anywhere; eg. Resorts, recreational camps, and beach areas – basically anywhere that offers space to set up ranges, provided always that the Association’s safety requirements are met.
  • An Application fee of $100 is to be included with this application irrespective of the date of lodgement.
  • In making this application, the Club agrees to be bound by the Association’s current Constitution, Policies, Rules and Procedures. If, in the opinion of the Association, the club violates any of these requirements, it recognises the right of the Association to terminate, suspend or downgrade such Affiliation, for any period it determines.

    Furthermore I agree to the Association displaying any information contained herein on their website
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.