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If you are planning on attending a club in the next week, your options are as follows:

  • Pay ONLINE and keep a copy of your PayPal receipt and temporary membership number (Online Receipt Number) and show these to the Club officials. All clubs have been asked to take these as proof of purchase and allow you to shoot as long as you follow the clubs guidance and safety standards.
  • You can hold off and pay at the club.  All clubs should have a copy of a 3DAAA Membership form and take your payment. Due to limited internet access at some clubs, these forms may not be available. Print a membership form BELOW  and take one with you.

All Clubs will want to see your membership card or proof of membership before you’ll be allowed to participate.

If you are attending a Sanctioned event shortly, the Host Club receives a membership list on the Thursday evening prior to the event so if you pay BEFORE then, your name should be on the list. Due to high volumes of memberships this may not always happen so please show proof of membership payment as below.

If you pay online after the cut-off or anytime before you go to the club, please take along the email receipt the system sends you as proof of payment. If you have used a PayPal Account that does not show YOUR NAME, please provide the Email confirmation as well as the receipt.

Membership Processing Status

If you use a membership form, please ensure your writing is legible, Please pay particular attention to FIRST and LAST names, which are all Required fields for membership and can be capitalised for clearer writing.

Failure to do this may result in delays to your membership and the return of your membership card to the Membership Secretary.


3D Archery Association of Australia is not responsible for cash which goes missing in the mail.

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