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What is 3DAAA?
3DAAA is a not for profit, incorporated National Association whose primary objective is the promotion and management of the game of 3D Archery in Australia, as defined by the current competition rules of the International Bowhunting Organisation (IBO) Whilst the operational rules have been tailored to suit the Australian demography competition rules have remained as near as possible to those of the IBO.

The culture, values and beliefs of the Association are premised on the understanding that the Association’s affiliated clubs are the foundation of the sport and that their continued existence is the underlying strength of the Association.

Organisational Structure
3DAAA is managed at a National level through the Association’s Management Committee. As well as the traditional positions of President, Secretary and Treasurer, other positions have been created to streamline the operation of the Association. Each of these officers has a role and responsibility in the management of the Association.

Individual Membership (top)
Individuals join as members of the Association. The single, annual fee structure is based on an anniversary membership irrespective of the date a person joins. Membership allows the individual to participate at sanctioned events and are eligible to win individual shoot, State and National awards. Non members can still compete however they are in-eligible to win any awards at any level.

Individuals have a responsibility to conduct themselves in a manner which portrays archery in general and the Association in particular in a positive manner to the general public. They also have a responsibility to act fairly and reasonably towards other competitors and not adversely impact on the enjoyment of others. Towards that end, the Association has developed a number of Policies dealing with a Code of Conduct, Harassment and Privacy matters.

You do not need to belong to an affiliated club to be a member of the Association. 3DAAA recognises that the majority of the workforce does not work 9-5 Monday to Friday and a club membership to shoot on Sundays may not provide value for money for the member. Of course the affiliated clubs are at liberty to charge non-club members an additional fee for using their facilities.

Club Membership (top)
Clubs can affiliate with the Association on an annual basis. This allows the club to host sanctioned and special events. Affiliated clubs are covered by insurance which satisfies most Local Authorities in terms lease arrangements and liability issues. The total of these sanctioned events makes up the National Shoot Program from which points are awarded towards the State Series Winners and Shooter of the Year for each division.

Club Affiliation is not exclusive and a number of clubs are affiliated with more than one archery association. Where this occurs the club must run individual shoot programs so that the separation of events is clear and distinct. If this does not occur then the liability for insurance cover becomes an issue. Any club wishing to go down this path should contact the Association for details advice as insurance circumstances may change.

Like individual members, affiliated clubs also have a responsibility to the Association in that they must adhere to the requirements under the Constitution, Policies, Rules and Procedures laid down from time to time.

Temporary Membership (top)
You do not have to be a member of the Association to give the game a go. You can shoot at any Sanctioned, Special Event or Club Shoot however you are not eligible to win an award at that event for accumulate points towards any of the Annual Awards. You can only attend as a visitor for a maximum of three(3) times. We feel that by then you’ll have made up your mind whether or not you like the game and wish to join the Association.

Annual Shoot Calendar (top)
Around September the Committee starts the process of building the following year’s National Shoot Calendar. Affiliated Clubs are requested to nominate a date on which they would like to host a Sanctioned and/or Special Event. Following the resolution of any conflicting dates the Official Shoot Calendar is released at the Nationals in November.

Shoot Formats (top)
Sanctioned Shoots are those which contribute points to the State Series and Shooter of the Year Annual Awards. As such they must be conducted to a consistent format to give everyone an even chance. They are held over 2 days and consist of 30 x 3D targets on Saturday and 20 x 3D targets on Sunday. Ranges are usually opened around 7.00am (weather and time of year dependant) and close around 3pm. Actual times can be set by the host club to meet local conditions.

The Association’s Rules for Shoot are mandatory for Sanctioned Shoots.

Shoot groups are made up by the shooters however there are strict rules on how this must occur and are covered in the Rules for Shoot document.

Special Events do not contribute towards any Annual Awards and as such the format can vary to suit the theme or occasion. In the past, the Caboolture Club ran a Turkey Shoot where all the courses consisted of turkey 3D targets.

Club shoots are up to the Committee of the individual clubs to define. Although the Association’s focus is on 3D, club shoots can include paper targets in order to reduce the cost. It would make sense however that sometimes throughout the year the club ran a club shoot to the Association’s Rules so that its members could practice under the rules before they attended a Sanctioned Shoot proper.

Shoot Distances (top) See a full explanation in the Rules
All events are conducted on un-marked ranges but unlike other archery organisations, the maximum distances are determined by a combination of gender, age and equipment rather than by age alone. Cubs have a maximum distance of 25 yards irrespective of the type of equipment they use.

By adopting this form of “handicapping” the Association believes that all competitors will be given an equal opportunity to perform to their highest level, irrespective of the type of equipment used.

Shoot Fee Management (top)
Affiliated clubs are responsible for the management of the entire event and all costs associated with its operation from advertising, to hiring the venue and the cost of trophies. All nomination monies are paid directly to the club. The club is required to remit to the association, a fee for the each shooter who nominates for the event. These fees can be found on the Sanctioned and Special Events Remittance form and are currently set at $5 per adult.

The Association funds the cost of its Annual Awards program from the funds received from the remittance monies so in essence the Association takes no money from the shoots. It’s either retained by the club to cover costs or shared by competitors through the provision of annual awards.

Annual Awards Program (top)
The Association currently runs two Annual Awards for which all competitors are eligible without incurring any additional entry fee.
The State Series is comprised of a number of State Shoots from which the competitor can take points dependant on their division placing. The division winners are determined from the points accumulated from the best 3 placing from Sanctioned Shoots within that State.

The Shooter of the Year in each division is determined by a shooter’s accumulated points from the best 3 Sanctioned Shoots (conditions apply, see the Rules for Shoots for eligible events) and the points obtained from the National Titles that year.
In addition to the award received for Shooter of the Year, particular division winners are eligible for funding assistance to travel to the IBO World Titles the following year.