Sanctioned & Special Event Remittance Form

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  • Fees

    Enter the number of participants in each category to calculate the total competitors and fees.
  • (excl. NCC)
    Fee: $ 5.00
  • (excl. NCC)
    Fee: $ 5.00

  • Fee: $ 3.50

  • Fee: $ 0.00
  • Target Hire - if applicable

    Calculation of target hire costs: Target hire is calculated at the rate per shooter per times the target was used. e.g. if 10 targets were hired and they were used on Saturday and Sunday (twice) and there were 100 people at the shoot (excluding cubs) then the cost is calculated as: 10 x 2 x 100 x $0.30 = $600. It equates to $3/shooter/10 target round.

    Whilst this may seem high, the club does not have the replacement cost of the targets to pay from its shoot profits.

    If you require further information, please do not hesitate to contact me.
  • Fee: $ 0.00
  • Enter Total Moneys received from Club Teams entered
  • Enter Total Moneys received from Sponsored Teams entered
  • ($10 discount per voucher)
  • Fee: -$ 100.00
    ($100 shoot deposit discount included)
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  • This email will be used to confirm lodgement of Remittance form
  • Membership applications/renewals must be scanned attached to this form and sent to within 2 days under separate cover along with a Paypal or Bank Direct Deposit receipt number when paid via this form. If this form is not used to account for membership applications/renewals you must forwarded cheque and membership forms to the membership secretary within 2 days

    The money paid from these shoot returns goes back to the competitors in a number of ways:
    1. It is used to purchase trophies for the State Series Winners.
    2. It is used to purchase Shooter of the Year Trophies.
    3. The remainder of the shoot fee goes into a travel fund to assist Shooters of the Year to participate at the following year’s IBO World Titles in the USA should they choose to attend
    4. Target hire fees goes towards maintaining the targets for clubs to hire
    5. Team nominations contributes towards the trophies for Club and Sponsored Teams of the Year
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