2024 SGM Notification

2024 SGM Notice The 3D AAA Committee will be holding an SGM Prior to the 2024 AGM. The purpose of the SMG is to amend the 3D AAA Constitution, as in discussions with NSW Fair Trading the Committee has been advised that it is not currently compliant. The following changes will be tabled. Changing of the Financial year from 1 April – 31 March to 1 July to 30 June to align with the National Financial year. Minor alterations to the constitution with a Notable inclusion of an additional position of the Asset Manager due to the financial obligation this position holds within the association. Proposed Changes to the Constitution HERE.  The Current Constitution is available HERE. The Special General Meeting for 3D AAA will be held on Saturday 13th July 2024.  The meeting will be held at the Sea View Tavern, Woolgoolga, NSW and will commence at 5.15pm prior to the AGM. The resolutions is as follows: 3D AAA move a resolution that the implied financial year is changed from 1 April – 31 March to 1 July to 30 June and amended into the constitution. 3D AAA move a resolution to amend the constitution with Annex A amendments to 3D AAA constitution Version 3 2018. A Full copy of the constitution and annex A is available HERE  This SGM is extremely important to align the current constitution to current policies. Any changes made to the constitution will not be ratified until filed with NSW Fair Trading. For any... View Article

2024 Annual General Meeting Notice

The Annual General Meeting for 3DAAA will be held on Saturday 13th July 2024.  The meeting will be held at the Sea View Tavern, Woolgoola, NSW and will commence at 5.15pm. The 3DAAA Association welcomes and encourages all its members to come and be part of this event.  This is an alcohol-free function; no alcohol is to be consumed during... View Article

2024 3DAAA Indoor National Championships 3rd to 5th May PRE NOMS HAVE CLOSED

NB: NSW Mountain View Archers will be running on Thursday night 2nd May. 2024 Indoor Nominations are now closed   ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ EVENT INFORMATION BELOW Events will be held across the country similar to previous years. Please see the information for your local area and get in quick as spots will fill up fast. TEAMS EVENT INFORMATION 3DAAA is running again... View Article

2023 Young Achiever Award

NOW CLOSED 2023 Young Achievers Award NOMINATIONS HAVE NOW CLOSED.  Thank you to all those who have submitted nominations. The 3DAAA committee is asking for nominations for the annual Young Achievers award. To nominate a young member, please submit in writing explaining why you think this person is worthy of winning this annual award. Email your nomination to by Sunday... View Article

Shooter of the Year Points & State Series Points

Question:  How are the points calculated? Question: How many points do you get? These are questions that get asked often by competitors.    The Rules of Shoot (ROS) do have the “How” written in them, under Section 8.   SECTION 8ADDITIONAL COMPETITIONS AND AWARDS A 3D STATE SERIESA1. In order to qualify for a State Series Award, a competitor must shoot... View Article