Twin Cities – March 2018

3DAAA Victorian State Series

Great weekend of 3D – Victorian Weather at its best from one day with temp in the 30 plus / sun glare and heat to the next cloudy and overcast with rain and wind

Day one saw some challenging shots across the three ranges, from the spotted leopard shot from the shadows of trees into open sun. The crocodile shot from the edge of the bank across to the shaded area under the pines.

The white stone sheep on the opposite bank, challenging and making archers think about their shots, these shots combined with wind gusts and the rising temperature of the day added to the fun and conversation.

With day one over the courses were relayed, and some time to break up the afternoon before we all got back together for dinner.

Some took the kids to the local circus, others just relaxed in the club rooms and others were fine tuning their bows on the indoor range for day two.

Day two started out mild, by the 5th target we could see the weather was changing, first a gentle breeze to add to the fun of keeping on target, then a light rain began as you can imagine this continually grew in proportion. None the less the course was still full of archers celebrating shots taken and others well looking hopefully for their arrows.

One of my cubs encountered a bull ant, bull ant finally loosing but Flynn was not about to give up and go in, after some minor first aid for the bite he was back on track with the targets.

Proud of my young archers giving their all, they may have been tired, wet, hungry (no retract that – walking tuck shops), and flustered but they were determined to have a great time.
Good to see them now working as a team and having fun, even having to deal with some disappointment, and all they all stuck together and completed the event.

By the time we were mid-way through the course we were wet and the winds just didn’t give in, but all the archers stayed together in their groups chatting and enjoying the day as it was.

So as challenging as the Victorian weather presented itself to the archers they all took it on and completed the event.

Presentations done the talk was not all about the next event on the 14th & 15th of April at Mornington Peninsula Bowmen.

Look forward to seeing you there – hopefully with better weather.