Terry Sheather

Awarded Living Legend Status in 2003


FIRST BOW – Hoyt Recurve 45lbs

CURRENT BOW  – Mathews LX 60ln 28”

ARROWS –     Carbon Express CXL150

OTHER EQUIPMENT  –  Vibracheck stabilizer, Toxonics Gearhead sight, Super scope, Scott mongoose release aid, Mathews Arrowrest

HOW DID YOU BEGIN ARCHERY – Two friends, Peter Blackford & Max Tout had just begun shooting with a local sports store run events. They asked me to have a go which I did and the rest is history. We started a local club Nambucca Valley Bowman which was an AA club until 1982 when it changed to ABA. Was a member of ABA until 1996 when I helped develop 3DAAA.

My greatest achievements are not of the shooting type but of the administration of Archery.

  • Zone E ABA controller for 4 years before moving onto ABA national committee.
  • Team manager in 1988 for the World IFAA titles in the USA.
  • Organised the 1990 World and Australian titles at Valla Park.
  • Helped start 3DAAA .


  • Spending time with my Family and all my friends I have gained over the years.
  • All the help given to me throughout my years of  organisation of archery endeavours.
  • Watching the kids of archery grow and develop into nice decent people who then put back into archery in later life.

There is just too many memories to list.