Technical Ruling for AHC

In their 2013 Rules, IBO changed the definition of a stabiliser for AHC. Their intent was to allow the use of other than single rods which projected forward of the bow only provided that all the device fitted withing a 12″ diameter sphere from a the point of attachment. Furthermore there could only be a single point of attachment.

Examples given were the Doinker Tactical or the Doinker Stokerised.

Recently a competitor shot a setup consisting of a 12″ front rod and a 11 7/8″ side rod, similar in apearance to an MBO setup.

IBO was asked for a ruling which supported the interpretation that the equipment was legal. In their reply they suggested that a stabiliser should be seen as a “system” rather than an individual rod.

Therefore 3DAAA has adopted the IBO ruling regarding one stabiliser “system” within a theoretical sphere having a radius of 12 inches measured from a single point of attachment.