Terry Sheather Award

Commencing 2022 the Terry Sheather Award recognises achievements of the male adult members and is the Highest Award presented to a Male Member outside of Life Member.

It is awarded to the 3DAAA Member who is selfless and in the spirit of Terry puts hours of their time into the association for the betterment of the sport. This award does not have to go to a committee member, shooter, and is to be considered recognition of the effort and commitment that this Member has given 3DAAA in the year of its award.

The award is not restricted to archery performance at all, and the decision will be made based on the applicant’s performance in all areas of being an exceptional Member of 3DAAA.

Nominations will be called for via the website and social media and must be received by the 3DAAA Committee by the last Monday of October in the year of the award. Email nominations to secretary@3daaa.com.au


  • 2023 Richard Meyer
  • 2022 Jason Wall