Malynn Medal

As a testament to Paul’s impact in all the areas of archery, each association agreed to present some form of recognition annually at their respective National Titles.

Whilst Paul was a very competent archer, representing his country in both FiTA and IFAA events he was most remembered for his ability to take fourth place irrespective of the discipline or bow type he shot. Because of this broad ranging skill, he was often jokingly referred to as “the keeper of the fourth” by his associates.

Knowing Paul’s macabre sense of humour, his friends thought it only fitting that a medal be struck in his honour and awarded annually to the fourth place getter in the divisions in which he competed.

The medal was designed to reflect Paul’s nickname of 2Dogs by showing a dog on each face. It is only when the medal is suspended and spun on its axis that the true brilliance of its design can be understood. I’m sure Paul would be pleased that his friends chose this to remember him by.

2010 was the inaugural year of the medal with Archery Australia presenting 2 medals to the fourth place getters in Mens Recurve and Mens Compound at their Nationals in Brisbane in May. ABA followed by awarding a medal to fourth place in Mens Freestyle Unlimited at their National Titles in June.

3DAAA presented its medal to the fourth placegetter in MBO at the Nationals in November.

Medal Recipients
2022- Jock Thompson
2020-2021 Covid 19
2019- Mick Anderson
2018- Gerard Miles
2017- Ian Summers
2016- Brian Baker
2015- Brian Baker
2014- Brett Pirlo
2013- Alex Elvin
2012- Brad Smith
2011 – Brett Pirlo
2010 – Grant Elsley

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