Life Members

Life Membership is the highest non-competitive award the Association can award and hence should be bestowed sparingly and only to those persons who have made a significant contribution towards the management of the Association or the achievement of its objectives.
The award of Life Membership shall in no way affect their status as active members nor the privileges or
responsibilities of membership.
Life Membership status shall be awarded for the lifetime of the individual AND is not transferable.
Other than the initial awards, a maximum of two(2) only may be conferred in an one Association competition year.
The date of commencement of the Life Membership is to be determined by the Committee and if necessary can be backdated, but to a date no earlier than the original nomination.
There will only be one(1) Life Membership presentation ceremony in an Association year.

For More information regarding Life membership please look HERE 


Members NameMembership NumberYear Awarded
Jamie Bradshaw32005
Kerry Bradshaw52005
Terry Sheather12005
Allan Sherman2522008
Grant Elsley72010
Chris Wakely62010
Robert Donnelly162011
Sallyanne Donnelly432011
Garry Dawson1992013
Neil Digweed904November 2014
Merrilyn Sheather4December 2020
Bernadette Teelow683November 2021
Simon Gallen326November 2022
Cordell McGuire1454November 2022
Ian Brown1249November 2023
Simeon Weir311November 2023