Mike O’Neil

Awarded Living Legend Status in 1998


YEARS SHOOTING – 46 years (32 competition)

FIRST BOW – Pearson archery set (20lb fibreglass). First bow shot in competition – 70lb Bear recurve

CURRENT BOW – Matthews Apex 50-60lb @ 30inch draw


OTHER EQUIPMENT – Carter Jus-Be-Cuz release, Cobra Lynx pin sights

HOW DID YOU BEGIN ARCHERY – shooting rabbits with bows made from hickory bush on the family farm; arrows were made from stinking roger (a straight woody plant with pith centre); points were made from heavy gauge fencing wire; and fletches plucked from grandma’s chooks.

  • 1977 (won first ABA Nationals); won 1980 ABA Nationals;  (from 79 through early 80s, won Queensland State titles, South Queensland championships, Overall Points Scores, Jim Stevens Memorial trophy and Zone titles.
  • 1990 World IFAA Championships (bronze medal); 1994 World Masters won Silver medal in field and bronze medal in target.
    2005 Shooter of the Year RU; 7th place RU at World IBO Championships.


  • The characters of archery… we are a special breed. Who could forget the Bundy boys from the early days of ABA, Peter Macey, and the likes of Bob Doring. Hunting with Alan Podlich, Geoff Thompson and Richard Lowe. And that first meeting with mates Mike Parker, Dale Dodds and Russ Roberts at the Nationals in Orange some two decades ago.
  • Going to the USA last year for the IBO championships was undoubtedly one of the highlights of my archery life.