Known distance is coming to the 2019 Nationals!

The committee of 3DAAA have been watching and listening to all of the feedback about known distance division within the association. 

We are please to announce that we are going to trial this at the 2019 Nationals. 4 individuals will shoot the weekend as a Known Division. These members will be allowed to use a rangefinder for the purposes of this trial only. 

These members will be shooting Under NCC (non competitive class) and forgo any awards or scores from the weekend. 

As a committee we have noted that within the Rules of Shoot it states that no member is to have a rangefinder on the courses. As a committee we have decided that these 4 Archers will be given a one time exemption for both Saturday and Sunday (9th & 10th of November 2019) to allow the use of a rangefinder for the purpose of the trial.  

These members will be held accountable to all other rules regarding the sharing of information and distances like every other member.

Any concerns can be raised with this trial please contact and your concerns will be forwarded to the appropriate committee member.