Jack Carney

Awarded Living Legend Status in 1997

CLUB – Cessnock Archers


FIRST BOW – 50lb Ben Pearson Fibreglass recurve

CURRENT BOW – Hoyt Ultra-Tec

ARROWS – Arrow Dynamics

OTHER EQUIPMENT -Toxonics sight, Bulls Eye scope, Scott Mongoose release aid, Easton X10 stabilizer.

HOW DID YOU BEGIN ARCHERY – A lady started an archery club at Abermain and she asked if I would like to try, I was hooked from the word go.

  • In 1984 Cessnock Archers hosting the NSW State Titles with over 450 shooters.
  • Witnessing the first ever perfect 400 shot in ABA at Cessnock.
  • Having well over 150 members in the Cessnock club. Going to practice on Tuesdays and would be lucky to get a car park.
  • Getting to travel to so many different places and meet some many different people.
  • In 1998 winning both the ABA Nationals and the ABA 3D nationals shooting the 1st and only perfect 400 3D round, winning both the raffles and what every else was on offer, what a weekend.
  • There are literally hundreds of memories I have of the past 45 years but by far the best is being honoured by my peers to receive the first ever Living Legends of Archery award.

I have far too many stories to tell.