Important Club End of Year Admin

With the season coming to a close with only one more event to be had in NSW, 3DAAA is asking that all clubs please put thru your Affiliation and Requests for Sanctioned Shoots for the 2022 Season. 

Due to the disruptions in the year the 3DAAA Committee has agreed that the Affiliation Fee of $100 will be waived for all 2021 financial clubs re-affiliating in 2022. Please still fill out the Affiliation form HERE

If your club paid their deposit for a shoot in 2021 and did not manage to run the event, That Deposit will be rolled over to 2022. Please still fill out your Shoot application SANCTIONED SHOOT or SPECIAL SHOOT

Risk assessments still require to be completed along with calendar information. 

Current Level 2 and 3 Course setters who’s Qualification is due or run out due to COVID restrictions will have your qualification extended for 1 year, and New cards sent to you shortly. 

All Level 1 Course Setters are requested to provide evidence In Accordance with the Course setter policy to the membership secretary here and you cards will be forwarded also.