Grant Elsley

Awarded Living Legend Status in 2010

Club– Cessnock Archers

Years Shooting– 35 years

First Bow– Proline Cyclone 2

Current Bow– Elite Victory

Arrows– Gold Tip 22 series

Other Equipment– CBE Vertex sight with CBE 3X scope

-Scott Exxus release aid

-Bstinger stabilisers

– Bohning Air vanes

– Winners choice strings

– Trophy Taker arrow rest

How did you begin Archery– While on a family holiday I got to try archery. Out of that my brother wanted a bow so of course little brother wanted one too.

Achievements–  1986 & 2006 IFAA World Champion

-2000 North American Bowhunter 3D World Champion

-3DAAA Life member

-Steven Reeks Medal winner

-Malynn medal winner (2 dogs)

Memories– Getting to travel the world representing my country doing something I really love doing and catching up with old friends and meeting new ones.

The memories are just unlimited