Diamond Valley Archers- February 2018

3DAAA Victorian State Series

Diamond Valley Archers Inc. in Victoria has a busy calendar, starting in January right through to December 2018.
In 2018 our club hosted the start of the 3D AAA sanctioned shoots.
With the usual dedicated 3D shooters in the State new courses were planned and targets selected.
We knew we would be getting new juniors and some new to the sport along so planning went in to the course being challenging enough for our dedicated 3D archers through to the novice starting with us for the first time.
Day one came along all too quickly, the weather forecast was for some rain with a temperature of 28 degrees. Registrations done, groups arranged, briefing on opening the course complete the archers too to the field.
The kangaroos, lay back in the shade of the trees and watched as we went out to set target ranges and it was not long before we could hear the arrows making their mark and some well not quite on target but some of the “archer excuses” were impressive and the laughter continued.
Two hours into the shoot and the humidity and heat started to build, but this did not deter anyone from continuing; the honey bear in between trees creating a tunnel shot once again caught a few of us out on ranging. The wolverine in the creek bed, created a unique opportunity to try your skills at shooting downhill, the rising boar on the top of a rise shot from the creek bed created a great shot looking towards a skyline.
Then when we were just getting used to the heat, along came the wind gust of 20 to 40 kms, this created yet another challenge – but the archers persisted and still although sparingly laughter and jokes of shots could be hear across the ranges.
The young group of juniors with me were exhausted, from holding in the wind and the heat but insisted that they complete the courses; thank you to all the groups that worked patiently with us as we made our way across the ranges – the encouragement given to the young ones was appreciated.
The day ended by all groups in on time, and the discussions of shots was all through the club house and outside on the veranda.
Team two rolled out to set up the courses for the second day (thanks to the Twin City Archers pitching in to help lay out and bring in the courses) as the rain started, and we were done in 3hrs ready for day two.
Dinner arranged at a local venue saw those camping or staying in the area, once again bringing the archers and families together some for the first time discussing the day, the sport and what might be tomorrow.
Day two was quick and to the point, archers now familiar with the terrain went out with confidence that the perfect round would now be achieved, sadly not to be. Challenging shots and the weather got them close but not to be
Before long it was presentation time and the event was coming to a close with the groups discussing the next event, where they would meet and plans to do even better.
So let me say not by anyway the least important aspect of running these events, without our dedicated team at Diamond Valley Archers, these events could not be run and managed so thank you, from my youngest cubs, their parents, our club members and our partnering clubs.
Now while our next 3D AA Event will be at Twin Cities 17th & 18th March 2018 we have a lot in store for Victoria in 2018.
The Victorian Clubs have come together and are putting on one event each month starting in February 2018 through to October 2018 and leading to the Nationals in November 2018 – see below schedule dates for events.
All members from all archery associations are welcome to come along.