Darryl Bulger

Awarded Living Legend Status in 2022


FIRST BOW – Tru Aim recurve 50lb

CURRENT BOW  – Mathews Traverse / Mathews V3X 29

ARROWS Native 23PRO Series / Native Heatseekers

OTHER EQUIPMENT  –  Axcel sight , Axcel 41 scope , Hamskea Trinity rest , Bee stinger stablizers .

HOW DID YOU BEGIN ARCHERY – Shot bows and arrows as a child which my Father made me .

ACHIEVEMENTS    To many to recall , most memorable made 26 Top Ten shoot outs , Several Queensland Titles including Hunter Class , MSR , SMC . numerous placings within those divisions .

MEMORIES Best memories are the great people Ive met and shot with over the many years , seeing the sport grow as it has and special memories of the earlier days shooting with greats like Jamie Bradshaw and Brett Pirlo , these guys helped make the sport what it is today , and still today Brett is one of the very best out on the ranges . Equipment has evolved , Jamie back in the those days shot with a 12 inch stabilizer and a scope that was it and still shoot scores that would be the equivalent of todays , it was amazing . I still remember the first 3D shoot I went to at Inverell , the target were shaped out of cool-lite and covered with hessian and then painted , Rod Shorten was amongst the organizers of that event it was so exciting . It was the start of 3D shooting in Australia and I was proud to be part of those early days . As long as I can still shoot a bow I will continue in the sport , which is producing some amazing Archers .