Corona Virus Update 13 March 2020

3DAAA would like to make the following points on our shoots with regard to the current Corona Virus situation. We will of course be following any guidelines put in place by our Government.
• If you have any flu like symptoms or have had any in the last 2 weeks, please DO NOT attend any 3DAAA shoot, both club or sanctioned shoots.
• If you are exhibiting flu like symptoms, you will be asked to leave immediately.
• If you or someone you have had close contact with has been overseas in the last 2 weeks please do not attend any 3DAAA shoots, both at a club or sanctioned shoot.
• Please remember to use general precautions, wash hands often and thoroughly. Use of hand sanitizer is also recommended.
• AT THIS POINT we will not be asking clubs to cancel or postponed their shoots, however if a club should choose to do so we will support their decision.
• Stay up to date via our facebook page. This is the quickest way to get information on cancelled/postponed shoots.
• See…/dise…/Pages/coronavirus.aspx for more information on Corona Virus.