Bonalbo 2018

3DAAA NSW State Titles

After months of work cutting in ranges and setting up the awesome shots that you all find a challenge and watching weather conditions in the lead up to 24th /25th February shoot, NRFA unfortunately had to postpone the shoot due to slippery wet conditions and rising creek crossings, the weather leading up to the cancellation was unpredictable and the rainfall on the Friday prompting the cancellation was higher than predicted.

Thankyou to the 78 shooters that returned for the March shoot. We hope you enjoyed yourselves.

Congratulations to all shooters that took part.  Well done to Ben Reynake and Brian Turner who won the Top Ten shoot out for Sighted and Barebow respectively.

On Saturday, due to the low numbers the decision was made for all shooters to shoot the same 30 targets so that scoring would be equitable for all in case the weather changed and for ease of bringing in the ranges on Saturday afternoon.

Lots of chatter about the Ranges. The Bobcat on the stump shot and the alligator on the creek bank on Range B in particular (Robert and Chris love the chatter).  Great thought-provoking, challenging ranges with very few giveaways. Which, as you all know Robert and Chris evilly conceive for each of their shoots. There was a great vibe around the ranges for the weekend.

Sunday morning saw the ranges start in the gully before climbing the hill with uphill and downhill shots.

There was lots of lovely food on offer provided by the Old Bonalbo Hall Society and the Bowling Club smorgasbord on Saturday night.

NRFA would like to thank the shooters who fought the weather to turn up to our shoot in February, we are sorry that we had to cancel, but as you all know NRFA only have the health and safety of our friends in mind, the decision was not taken lightly.

NRFA would also like to thank all the shooters who returned to Bonalbo the following weekend for our March shoot.

As 3DAAA members know there is a lot of work that goes into each shoot – thank you to all NRFA members that contributed to the successful running of this weekend.