Archery Alliance Endorsed Dealer Program

The Archery Alliance of Australia as part of its long term strategy as the promotional arm of the sport has just released the Endorsed Archery Dealer Program.

It is aimed at the retail archery industry. This industry is the public face of the sport and can be the first exposed for many to the sport.

The Endorsed Archery Dealer program has at its core a demonstration to the general public and government bodies of a framework of self-regulation. The Alliance sees it as a priority to publish guidelines that can be issued to the wider bow owning community in particular those people who are not clubs members on responsible bow ownership and use.

To this end a growing number of archery dealers have agreed to become Alliance Endorsed Dealers. They have agreed to provide Alliance material to each purchaser of a bow, who is not a current member of one of the three National bodies.

This material consists of

  • A two page flyer titled ‘Responsible Archery Equipment Ownership’
  • An Alliance information brochure
  • Sport specific information provided by each National Federation, State Association or local club

Each Endorsed Dealer is permitted to display the Endorsed Dealer logo at the shop front as well as a framed certificate noting their participation in the program. In return for their support, the Archery Alliance of Australia Members will have agreed to promote their business and we hope you also support those who have demonstrated a cmmitment to our future.

Click >>here to see the list of current Endorsed Dealers