3DAAA Victorian State Series – Twin City Archers


It has been awhile since the Victorians had their last two day event.

However all three clubs Diamond Valley Archers, Mornington Peninsula Bowmen & Twin Cities Archers supported the States new initiative of running the one day series, this year managed by the Diamond Valley Archers with plans to distribute to the two other clubs in 2018. A thankyou to URBAN Archery for suppling the gift certificates for the winners of the series – more to come later in the year.

The wait was over, and the keen 3D Archers made their way down to Twin Cities Archers.

As people made their way down to the area, the club was made available for those want to camp out on the grounds or in the club house, others went to their usual stays in the area.

Saturday came quickly, as the rest of the members turned up, looking at the weather while a little chill in the air was still around, teams set out to face the challenges of the courses.

Range setters were smiling (as we all do) waiting to see the surprises that awaited the competitors.

Rain had changed some of the terrain, so it even surprised some of the ones assisting laying out the courses, but all found their way around the course.

It was not long before one could hear the sound of targets connecting with the shot, and others that well just did not want to play a score their archer’s intended.

The Javillina in the shadows created its challenges, as did the crocodile even though out in the open and a wet spot in the scores zone giving us a point to aim for – surprising how these arrows had a mind of their own though.

Elevated shots also gave their own set of challenges not a far shot, but a fox! Good try some of us took up the challenge and sent a cluster of arrows into the zone all touching one another.

Another shot that blended in, Honey Bear in a burnt out tree – well thought out shot.

The day moved on and soon the 30 targets were being discussed back at the club house along with their challenges meanwhile the course setters were at it again; laying out the course for the 20 targets on Sunday.

In usual fashion the members were getting together to go out together for dinner as a group with a few hours to get tidied up, wash off the day’s walking across the fields.

Sunday’s weather held up well and once again the day went well, with all archers from cubs to the seniors enjoying the two days of fun and changing events.

A note of appreciation to all the Twin City Archers team that assisted set the courses, arrange the meals and Brett & Julie for putting their trip away aside to make sure they were there to assist and manage the shoot for the 3D Archers in Victoria.

As usual; a thank you to our sponsors with two of our Cub Juniors – Levi & Bella Ellen receiving a $40.00 Gift Voucher. Check out our sponsors on our website and support them, a full list can be found here.

Check out the pictures etc. on the 3D AAA website – http://www.3daaa.com

Next event will be at Mornington Peninsula Bowmen on the 9th & 10th of September 2017