2022 Rules of Shoot

3DAAA Committee would like to thank you all for your patience. We have been hard at work trying to fit in the best for everyone, and opening up our sport. 

You have asked for it so 11’s ARE BACK! we have amended the Target policy (Yet to be released) to allow a little more versatility to clubs while still maintaining the integrity of Sanctioned shoots for the best competitor experience possible. 

Change to our RU – TRAD and the Inclusion of the IBO LONGBOW (LB) classes. This is the biggest rewrite to the recurve class bows that 3DAAA has taken on to align with the IBO rules. This does two things, allows for more competitive classes shooting world registered divisions, and 

Opens up funding from 3DAAA to more members across more divisions, as all of the IBO recurve classes are Class 1 divisions.

We have also combined FBU and MCU in to CU to allow a more competitive Compound Unaided Division for our members. 

The rules of shoot are available HERE or from the Rules Page.