2022 National Championship Peer Groups

Groups updated as at 10/11/22 8pm 

Good luck to all members shooting peer groups at the 2022 National Championships

Peer groups are made up of those members who have shot at 3 qualifying events, that have managed to accumulate 45 points or more and accepted peer grouping. If you have declined peer grouping you will not be eligible for SOTY awards or funding. You are still in the running for the National Championship Titles, and we wish you all the best in your event.

Where peer groups were low on numbers 3DAAA has either combined divisions shooting off the same peg or added a member approved by the committee to assist incase of equipment failure or member having to leave the course. 

Members of peer groups are to be at the start of their assigned ranges 10 minutes before their allotted start time. Members of peer groups are not to approach the start of the first target until all members of your group have arrived. If a member is late to the range time you are to contact Range Officials asap, Do not start the course without any of your peer group, without contacting officials.

For those not shooting peer groups we wish you the best as well, but please be mindful for the start of each day the Peer Group are to be given preference to start the course on their allotted start time but not before.