2016 IBO World Championships

This past weekend at Seven Springs PA USA there were nine 3DAAA members who competed in the IBO World Championships with some good results coming their way. Congratulations to all of the members.
MBO–  Gerard Miles 5th
          Jamie Bradshaw 11th
          Jock Thompson 32rd
SPM–  Grant Elsley 10th
MBR–  Robbie Vayro  20th
RU–    Billy Watson  13th
FHC–  Megan Miles  26th
YMR 15-17– Remy Leonard 6th
YMR 13-14– Matt Bradshaw 10th
Check out the full results at www.ibo.net
**The top 5 scores in each class from the 1st 2 days of shooting(40 targets) progress into the final and shoot an extra 10 targets to determine the final placings**