Mornington Peninsula 2018

3DAAA Victorian State Series

This was the last of the Victorian State Series for 2018 – and what a great week end at Mornington Peninsula Bowmen – the ranges were set with challenge and purpose to test any archer’s skill at unmarked 3D. The weather was exceptional and allowed us to work with Brett Pirlo on learning how to understand our equipment, learning how to judge distance, bow setup, speed vs accuracy, and so much more – an excellent imitative of 3D AAA through their – Mentoring Program rolled out across the states in 2018. Everyone from the kids to the adults took away snippets that they are or will be working on – the conversations went on long into the evening around the campfire & dinner. Day two saw many of us applying some of those new ideas, while some improved others needed some work as is always the case. With campsites being packed away, and the buzz of the last archers coming off the course, the MBO division had a tie for second place and the count back on 10s and 8s began, Paul Eagle & Tony Brezic were tied on 463 – final countback got Paul into second place with 6 more 10’s – Brett Pirlo in 1st place with 484. For the score results go to our new website

Some other comments from people at the event:

Will Ellen     Another great weekend down at Mornington 3daaa in the books, Brett Pirlo doing a great job mentoring and helping a lot of shooters out including myself👌🏻 I’m loving this Bowtech Realm x – Native 300 combo. This bow is a keeper for sure now bring on the nationals

Brett Pirlo   Mornington Peninsula 3DAAA Shoot. This place is beautiful, the Queenslander brought the sunshine to Victoria 😂.Got to catch up with these two champions, Paul Eagle and Drew Orton. What a great bunch of people I met today. Great job as always Cordell McGuire, your passion to grow archery in Victoria is inspiring.

Shaylen Lowe   I had a super weekend at Mornington 3daaa and on Saturday I shot a 92 on one of my rounds/100. Finishing the weekend on 408 and another medal 🙂. We had a special visitor Brett Pirlo who came from QLD who did a talk to us all about aiming, distance judging & shot technique. It was great! Brett & I had a shoot off on an indoor 3Daaa face at 20m. The winner DIDNT have to skull a bottle of water! On Sunday we did the shoot off and after 3 arrows we were equal so it came to a one arrow shoot off. I won! We shook hands and hugged and had a laugh. Then I got to watch Brett skull a bottle of water with everyone cheering on! I had so much fun and at the end of the day I went to Rye Pier with my archery friend Sam and jumped off into the freezing cold water we had ice cream and went home! Thank you Brett Pirlo & Justina for coming to have some fun with us! Was good to also see Mike and Chloe from NSW too! See you all at the 2018 Nationals in Nambucca!! ❤️

Mornington Peninsula Bowmen will be running one more of the one day series on the 14th of October 2018. Nationals 2018-Victorian or South Australian Archers intending to come to the Nationals in November 2018 can you advise Cordell McGuire – Liaison Officer via email with your contact details so we can keep this group informed of things happening in Victoria and our trip to Nationals.